Why YOU and EVERYONE should watch LOST.

It's been a long time coming, but I've finally found something worth talking about in my blog.

You need to watch LOST on Netflix.

No, really. I'm serious, and forgive some of the spoilers. Here's why-

The first episode starts with a handsome yet bedraggled looking surgeon laying face up in a field of bamboo, surrounded by green undergrowth. As the story develops, we watch as he emerges from the jungle to the sound of chaos. We feel the horror as we see the broken fuselage of the plane erupting into flames, we see the crying and the panic as the doctor somehow orients himself to his situation, running towards the panicking victims. We resonate with the drama and from the very beginning.
As time goes on, much more of the story is revealed and the viewer is left asking more questions, like What is this place? Where are they? Why is no-one rescuing them? but of course the writers, like the talented storytellers they are, reveal the answers only to make the viewer ask more questions.
Such begins the drama of epic scope- a moving landscape of human emotions- a captivating and mysterious journey into the themes of love, loss, betrayal, kindness and ultimately redemption; where even larger questions about fate, destiny, and the supernatural are asked amidst a backdrop of an island more mysterious than the characters itself, and arguably more of a protagonist than the actors stranded on it.

As someone who watches a lot of media, I am attracted to something well written, but something that appeals to the emotions. I loved the movie Paycheck (Even with Ben Affleck in it), and Cellular and the series Alias because of the wildly disorienting plots that become clear as you watched closely. All of this mystique pulled you in and brought you closer to the characters as they dealt with conflicts and obstacles along the way. All of these are excellent, yet pale in comparison to the fast moving kaleidoscopic panorama that is LOST- or perhaps is it more like a great painting that speaks something different when viewed from a different perspective? One thing is for sure, it is rare that something resembling actual art gets on the telly.

Such an intriguing plot and storyline are one thing, but much of the motivation for sticking with all 6 seasons of LOST lie in sticking with the characters. The quick thinking leader Jack, the affable and self-effacing Hurley, the beautiful but troubled Kate, the dangerous Sayid, the mysteriously spiritual John Locke and one of my favourite characters, Charlie- the charismatic screw up.  These characters and more make for great pathfinders to the sometimes bewildering journey ahead.

In a world of mediocrity it seems strange to proclaim something on TV as art, but this is not hyperbole. Have you ever read something immersive like Great Expectations? Well, it's a lot like that. It is seriously moving, evocative and heart rending television, yet intelligent enough for those who love a moderately paced mystery.

So if you are looking to get high quality entertainment, that makes you think and feel, Get LOST.

You mightn't want to ever get found again.

LOST is available to view on Netflix, or available at various online sources such as Ebay, Amazon.com and at various other physical stores.