Writing Tips and Tricks

How do you write a book?

For many of us budding writers the answer sometimes involves sitting in front of an empty screen or an empty notepad with a lot of ideas, and somewhere in the process the inspiration comes to a screeching halt.

Kim Lambert has crafted a great, plainly written book for such a problem. At 74 pages, this book has 40 wide ranging suggestions for the most  practical aspects of getting along and completing your masterpiece. Things like:

* Becoming certain about your audience,
* Being authentic when writing emotional material,
* "Rewinding", reassessing and refocusing,
* Creating a sense of reality for readers,
* Creating natural dialogue,
* Pacing yourself,
* Overcoming writers block. 

If you are new to writing a book, there are so many things to consider. Kim Lambert, with her short chapters create great ''thinking points'  such as the above. She even has some pragmatic suggestions on matters such as e-book production and creating a series set of novels out of the inspiration you already have.

Kim Lambert knows this because she is the head of Dreamstone Publishing, having also written over 5 books in the areas of business and cooking. With over 20 years in print and e-book production, Dreamstone Publishing's stated aim is to help any author with publishing their book, from front cover, to editing, Print on Demand advice and much more.

After reading this book, my only criticism would be that more examples may have been useful, and perhaps slightly longer for those common writer problems like overcoming writer's block. This book as I've mentioned is great for first time writers, but also contains some handy checklist style reminders for those who are already book or e-book authors.

Happy writing!!!!!


  1. Thanks for the great review!. Letting you have advance notice here..... about those extra examples you suggested - a second volume of tips and tricks is already in the pipeline - watch for a release early in the new year!.


    Kim Lambert

  2. What about the book I would say that it's simple and even fun. I would recommend it for those who's not long to be a serious writer but want to discover something new in a life :) For another there're many books for writers like on writing well or Stephen Kings and resources like or bigassignments that will help in career. Kim Lambert is not for bores.

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