The Bible In Your Hand

Sometimes Kindle offers some surprisingly inexpensive e-books that have a hearty amount of information and inspiration in them. At 79 pages plus references,  'The Bible in Your Hand'  is one such title. Mfon Effiong Tochukwu has gathered together a great collection of prose and poetry, throughout the ages from well known and relatively lesser known authors.

The inspirational, emotive, and cerebral value of the Bible is celebrated in this e-book in the formats of poetry, songs and prose. The great themes of it's inspiration, its unity and its incarnate nature are explored throughout, along with a collection of quotes from famous readers of the Bible, such as Andrew Jackson, Queen Victoria, Napoleon Bonaparte and John Milton to name but a few. At the end of the collation there is an oft seen, but ever-handy collection of scriptures for many life situations.

The Bible in Your Hand is an interesting book, in that there is a lack of solely Christian Poetry books and e-books, and even less devoted solely to the subject matter of the Bible itself, and its price of a mere $1 U.S. makes this e-book even more attractive. Wonderful for those believers who have forgotten the unique value of the bible, for new believers just discovering it themselves and for veteran Bible appreciators, speakers and pastors alike, The Bible In Your Hands is excellent reading.

Another good reason to consider this e-book is that it is associated with a new charity called 'Voices out of Africa' through Dreamstone Publishers, committed to providing funds to African writers to encourage them to publish their manuscript, so every time you buy The Bible In Your Hands, you put some power back in theirs!

Happy Reading.