Rhett and Link's Infinite Imagination

In the world of YouTube, One hit wonders are more prevalent than in the world of Pop music. While "Charlie bit my finger" -the story of two cute brothers inspired a flurry of Youtube hits seven years ago was a video so popular it apparently paid a good portion of Charlie's future college fund. These types of immediate success are very common on Youtube, with the rise of a constant content sharing social media, and often inspire a larger circle of satirists, each wanting to cash in on the success, and perhaps to emulate or perfect that invisible formula that ensures something's 'virality'. Every now and then, comes an individual or a group that achieves a high level of Youtube hits every time and has consistent success because their quality shines out above the morass of other satirists, comedians and other entertainers on the internet. Rhett and Link are two such entertainers. Best friends growing up, and then later both becoming engineers they quit their jobs in order to pursue a career in entertaining people on the internet. Their show is also diverse- with everything ranging from an entertaining morning shows to clever music videos, and also showing a flair for local commercials to the point of branching out into their own Television show. They have won acclaim from U.S.A today, Business Insider and WIRED and have a following of about 110 thousand Twitter followers. They are both also competent musicians and their music is also available from iTunes.

These men are an inspiration to me. I believe their success lies in their ability to continually put a creative twist on common life, news items and everything they do! Their backyard charm, genuine friendship and "everyman-ness" also makes them a great duo in a social media where likability is a major key to success. The following video is one of my favourites. These guys are an inspiration, and are pushing the boundaries creatively of their own seemingly Infinite Imaginations. Check them out! but I warn you- start watching their videos and you may be there for a while! :)