What Inspires you?

Blood, Sweat and Tears is my favourite band in the Universe, second only to the band Cake. Their well arranged style is inspirational, their brass line is bold and brash, but never overpowering, their lead singer, David Clayton Thomas delivers perfectly in his gravelly jazz-rock voice with consistent power and skill. Larry de Bari's Guitar work rings out amazing phrases, while  Gary Foote keeps apace, with humming basslines. These are just some of the reasons I love Blood Sweat and Tears. Music like this is like an intricate painting to me, and as you look (or listen) more, you notice a new aspect of their genius. These guys were in their heyday ten years before I was born, and I would love to play like them. I believe they were thoroughly underrated and stayed together for far too short of a time. Which band do you find underrated? What music inspires you?