Slam This!

I live in Launceston Tasmania, A State in Australia that has an awful lot going for it, when it comes to tourism- Much of the marketing around visiting Tasmania centers around being surrounded by verdant green hills, friendly and relaxed locals, and in this vein, Launceston has been voted as the most family friendly city to live by Suncorp Bank Incorporated.

Tasmania also has a vibrant Arts community, with local events celebrating Poetry, Stories and other forms of creative writing Talent. Three such forums for creativity are Poetry Pedlars', the Society For Women Writers Tasmania (which is also open for men). and 'Slamduggery', another performance poetry forum.

Poetry Pedlars 

Society of Women Writers Tasmania


All of that being said: 
I've had my second experience of the Creative Arts community this year at 'SlamDuggery', which was held at Dickens Ciderhouse on the 17th of July. We had a packed house and five supremely talented Poets performing original creative writing to the audience. It was a great time, and allowed me to get a glimpse of what's happening in the close knit and very supportive arts community. 

The following video is from one of the Guest Presenters Fakington Wilde, who is both a creative writer and a talented sound engineer. Enjoy, and don't forget to support Launceston's Creative Arts Community!