Writing Exercise - Angry Birds

I have written another piece with a view to extend my versatility at being creative with guidelines attached to it. The following exercise had to contain the following words:

computer, antagonise, high, earth, study, sweet, attic and tempt (in that order)

Here I sit, alone in the dusty top floor of my house, alone- and away from the distracting noise of conversation- of laughter and housemates sharing stories. I sit here, surrounded by the boxes in this dusty room, looking at my computer and continuing to agonise over my studies. Although developmental psychology was high on my priority list to learn about at University, I now wonder ‘why on earth did I choose to study such a convoluted and difficult subject?’ As I sit and sip my sweet, but overly hot cup of coffee I ponder when the last time someone entered this attic was? I put on Angry birds, 'but I won't play it' I think to myself. As I look at my book, and then at my computer, the concept of playing Angry Birds tempts me again A game which draws me in, but ultimately antagonises me by the amount of time I could easily waste on it. 'Maybe just a little game' I think to myself, thinking of the temporary joy getting a better high score than last time, or improving my skill at hurling the grumpy feathered fiends at the helpless pigs, yet at the same time acknowledging previous months I would become immersed, only to look at the clock and would be brought back to earth again- wondering why I just couldn’t get into study.


I smashed those dopey pigs to Kingdom Come! Level, by level, the Attic, and all the responsibilities around me, fade away, as learning about Piaget and Eriksson no longer tempt me- not that they did before. I am the ham smasher! The Baconator! Nothing can stop my rage upon the swine!, I am the master! I think, as I carefully adjust the trajectory of my bird, on the computer, agonising about not aiming too high or too low.


As the bird crashes to the earth leaving much of the buiding around them intact, I watch incredulously as I see three of the four pigs sitting there, mocking me with their ham-sandwich faces. I realise I am in way, way too deep, and need to stop.

‘Ugh. It’s so boring! I don’t want to study’ I say to myself.

How did I do? Be Honest!