Monthly Round up

Well, Ladies and Gentleman,

as you may know if you are a regular reader, this blog site was started on the 24th of May, and there has already been a lot of changes! May saw this site's birth, and June saw a few scattered posts, and a heartening increasing  interest in my website.

In July I tried to add more content more frequently which saw a big spike in my readership. So for those interested, I have decided to do a huge "Round Up" post, featuring the top 10 of our loyal readers favourite webposts 

#10 Angry Birds Writing Exercise

Written on the 25th of June, this exercise was an attempt at what could have turned into a much larger piece of work (had I have wanted it to). It's a bit of harmless fun, and uses one of my favourite exercise writing techniques (of having to use specific words in a story) You can read this post right here:

#9 What's on locally

Written on 25th May, and centering around the Launceston Creative Arts Community, I spoke of the Society of Women's Writers Short Story competition, which has now closed, but the society itself is a great resource (and although it is a 'women's writers' group, it is open to men too, and a great resource for all). You can find a link for these ladies here

#8 What inspires you?

Also written on the 25th of May, I talk about Blood, Sweat and Tears- whom I regard as the greatest band in the Universe- (You can find the link here) and I ask the question: 
What Inspires You?

#7 Guest Post Number One: Zainab Abbass

Once in a while you find an exceptional writer. In this instance an exceptional young writer that made me consider starting a "Guest Post" section allowing guests time to discuss their work and in this instance what inspires them (I'm starting to see a pattern!). Zainab's post is here.

and her portfolio of free work is here

Do yourself a solid favour and read her work!

#6 Free Poetry E-book

I have written a book of Spiritual / Inspirational Poetry,  called Old Treasures and New for those who subscribe to my blog! The link is here 

#5 Welcome to my Blog 

This was obviously an Introduction, where friends and interested visitors came alike. A bit self explanatory, so you probably won't need the link.

#4 No Free Lunches

My first full free short story offered on this website about a tradesman buying a computer was received incredibly well! I had a larger than average readership taking the time to read it, and it is a story I am particularly proud of, and one that I am putting in my book "Nice Shorts" If I ever get the thing finished! I also get on a soapbox rant about the value of free things. The link to the page is here 
What my book will eventually look like

# 3 Coffee Break Writing Exercises 

Using the same methods as I have previously used (the discipline of using set words to create a story) I created a short story using some words that are a little unusual in sequence. In this instance I used the words Cappuccino, spoil, fat, pipe, exploit, fluffy, burial and aid. For a post based on a writing exercise, it received a surprising amount of attention. Hopefully you will like it too! The link is here

Maybe it's because people all over the Googleverse were searching for Coffee that day?

# 2 Guest Post 2: Mishka Gora 

My Second guest post was the incredible Mishka, who I know personally, has written a book called "Fragments of War" and is a lady has been through a lot of interesting and harrowing experiences in eastern Europe. Her guest post, where she was asked about the importance of writing about things that matter recieved a big spike in readers, and thankfully too, as there is much that can be gleaned from it. You can enjoy her post here

Mishka Gora's Blog
Mishka Gora's book

...and of course my Number One Post was, suprisingly...
#1 Marcella's story!
Written on the 9th of July, Marcella's story has been the most post story on my blog so far. It is a writing piece I am very proud of too. Marcella is my now 15 month old baby and the latest addition to the Mathewson family. She is a beautiful, vibrant little character who paints a lot of joy into our lives! The birth of "chellie", as we like to call her, was not without some life threatening trials for her mum, and serious implications for her dad, too, and something I felt the need to write a short story about. You can 

Marcella's story received by far the greatest number of readers, and this is partly to do with friends of Joy of The Home, my wife's website, which can be found here

well, Ladies and Gentlemen, That's it! at least for July! Look forward to more writing exercises, guest posts, tips on writing and creativity, reviews and loads more great writing resources in the pipeline for August. I am going to hopefully continue these Round Ups at the end of each month. Have a great day and...

Keep on Writing!