Berghaus Vapor Claw GTX Sneakers Review

Berghaus Vapor Claw GTX Sneakers (Yellow)
$199 (Retail)
- A Review

I have recently bought myself a new pair of Sneakers from a local store called Mountain Designs. A quick run down of the Specifications are as follows, from this website:

Designed for single track trail grip and security underfoot in a light, breathable package ideal for fast challenging multi-sport activities. Part of our Vapour Light range, this shoe has been tested for the harsh and demanding environments of the Dragon's Back race.

Weight (approx.): 612g
Best Buy - Outdoor Enthusiast, March 2013
9/10 - Best in Test -Tradition incorporates technology to great effect Trail running Magazine, October 2013
Gold - Men's Running Shoes - Trail Category - Men's Running 2013 Product Awards.

Before launching into a product review I should mention a few things. I don't normally review shoes, for the simple reason that my website is largely for books and creative pursuits; that being said, I am also a very comfort and quality conscious person. I am conscious of brand, not because of some need to be fashionable, but because comfort and quality are sometimes synonymous with good brands. In addition to this, I have had 34 years of experience at wearing shoes. 

I'm damned good at wearing shoes.

The shoes I used to wear, from Columbia (the brand, not the country), are no longer available for purchase. They are similar to the Grants Pass Shoes as shown below, Shoes that I was so impressed with because they were stylish, very comfortable, with great value for money and they lasted well over 3 years with frequent use. With such high expectations I decided to review the Berghaus Vapor Claws.
So sad to say goodbye :(
From the outset I should mention that although these are promoted on the website as running shoes, I don't run. There are a few circumstances where I might run as follows:

1. I am being chased by someone with a dangerous weapon
2. The shop, which holds my only hope of a chocolate bar is about to close

So its fair to say  these running shoes have not seen any running action yet! They have however, been on rough terrain and mild elevations at our local walking track, and their small shard-shaped grips have made walking in these conditions comfortable and enjoyable. Indeed, one of the functions of the shoe is the limpet- fit system which is designed to enclose over the feet, allowing for maximum comfort by the wearer, in addition to having a goretex upper, which makes the shoe breathable and lightweight. The goretex upper is also designed for protection from light rain and the elements.

Of particular note is how masculine the shoe is. Referencing the above it has been tested by people who run up mountains for a living- because nothing says MAN like "I CAN RUN UP A MOUNTAIN, WHAT CAN YOU DO...PUSSY?!" This testosterone charged shoe also boasts the name Vapor Claw- Say that with the right effect and it sounds like an ultra-manly Supervillain:


Walking in them with and also sometimes without socks- and keeping them on all day, I can say because of their light weight, the "burden" felt by taking them off was much less than other cushioned shoes; In this way, the Berghaus shoe was even more comfortable than my good old Columbias and the design of having laces, secured in place by webbing is a small but incredibly helpful piece of design, combating the often annoying "re-lacing" that goes on as the shoe is used more and more. The price of the shoe itself is moderately expensive ($199 for full retail, $99 for me because of a sale), but it is well worth it for the features and if it holds up to prolonged use.

As a final note- being a natural extrovert, nothing screams confidence and enthusiam like shoes with yellow trimmings, enabling you to feel that special joy when your friends inevitably say how much they like them, you can casually say "Yeah mate...They're for going up mountains".

Its obvious that this review is premature, as I have not yet tested them adequately in wet terrain or running, but I will eventually do a sprinting test on it one day at around about 4:55. (five minutes before the shops close...)

Ben Mathewson.


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