Universal Conflict: The Struggle

Book Review

Universal Conflict: The Struggle.
David Claridge.

Perhaps because I am a little 'left of centre', I picked up a book I hadn't heard of, from an author unknown to me. The Author's name was David Claridge, and the book is called "Universal Conflict: The Struggle", a Science Fiction novel set is deep space. As an aside, I would highly recommend this way of reviewing something, since reviewing higher profile authors can create an expectation in the reviewer, and actively choosing something you think you will will enjoy also can influence your review. All of that being said up front, I think I am qualified as being open-minded enough and impartial enough to provide a good review.

The story revolves around the protagonist, Kimberly Saunders- a battle hardened veteran in the Memay Special Forces, and her role in the Universal Conflict. The beginning of the book reveals the Moggotrons: a Pig-like alien race with a history of warfare with humans. A routine Memay intelligence gathering reveals a new planned Moggotron-lead alliance with the Frizens- A demon-like alien race more vicious and cunning than anything the Memay special forces have encountered before This mission is one which indirectly leads to the assassination of earthling world leaders and the eventual invasion of the Memay planet.

In Universal conflict, the panorama of many conflicts lies out before you- from the daring, small team skirmishes, hell-bent on creating strategic craters in the enemy defense, to the scenes of grand invasion which threaten to destroy the whole species. You will read also of the beginning of great alliances, the cleverness of enemy subterfuge, and the tragedy of seasoned combat colleagues as they are crushed in the brutality of war. Science Fiction is not a preferred genre for me, but I would highly recommend this book as a good option to start reading in this genre.

After reading this book, I can honestly assert that I am a fan of Mr Claridge's work. Although difficult at first to get into, and perhaps occasionally awkward editing and turns of phrase, His sweeping, imaginative scope makes it easy to become immersed in the characters, and drawn into the deadly conflicts in this book. Largely action driven, but with reasonable character development, this book reads more like a Sci-Fi Tarantino film, with enough blood and action to satisfy action fans, yet also enough intrigue in the storyline to satisfy more cerebral readers. The dialogue and the characters in this book also add to the general gritty, bloody and matter-of-fact nature of the ongoing Universal Conflict.  Universal Conflict: The struggle is the first in a planned set of 9 Universal Conflict Books, published by Raider Publishing and is 364 pages long.

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