'Frozen' Cafe, Kid's Paradise.

Beneath the luminescence of the ornate street lights, usually busy with the social chatter of alfresco diners, nestled in the corner of a busy street lies a rare gem of a restaurant.

The Frozen Cafe, adjacent to the historical pirate ship in riverside is well known for its young wait staff,  unpretentious cafe style food, and relative inexpensiveness (For my frittata I paid only two invisible dollars). Its inviting blue and cream pastel style is offset by its ornate lighting and minimalistic furnishings.

The frittata was a taste sensation, showing exceptional imagination (as with much of the food served at the Frozen Cafe- and the cheese served with the frittata was a true “homage to fromage”.
Frozen Cafe’s critics have peddled the predictable line that the food tastes like plastic, and inasmuch as there will always be critics, these diners have not fully immersed themselves in the sheer creativity it involves to dine there.

If I were to mention a few critiques it would be that the little blue cups were a bit too small, and occasionally the wait staff lacked basic maths skills. Interestingly, children seem unusually welcome in this restaurant, as if it were some kind of Haven, or Paradise for them.

I’ve told all of my friends about the Frozen cafe. It may be some time until I Let It Go.

Ben Mathewson.